Windhorse [lungta in Tibetan] means vitality, life force, and is the energy of the awakened heart/mind. Pictured in Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags, like the one above, and similar to principles of Chi, Prana, or Spirit, it is the psychological and physical manifestation of being present, authentic, confident, and kind.  

"Windhorse is an allegory for the human spirit and predominantly a feature of the folk culture of the people living in the higher altitudes regions of the majestic Himalayas. It is a symbol for the energy of basic goodness. The 'wind' principle is that the energy of basic goodness is strong and exuberant and brilliant. It can actually radiate tremendous power in your life. But at the same time, basic goodness can be ridden, which is the principle of the horse. By following the disciplines of warrior-ship, particularly the discipline of letting go, you can harness the wind of goodness. In some sense the horse is never tamed—basic goodness never becomes your personal possession. But you can invoke and provoke the energy of basic goodness in your life."  -Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The Windhorse Institute was founded to bring the great depth of insight that both Buddhist and Western psychology has to offer to transform ourselves, our families, and our society.  Most science focuses on the outside in, but the wisdom of the Buddhist meditative tradition studies the mind from the inside out.  Joining these two frameworks to train and understand the mind allows us to create a mindful, insightful, and compassionate response to the great suffering and pain that we all experience at the personal and societal levels.  Stephen and Yeshe have felt the need for a secular yet in-depth training in meditation understood through the Buddhist meditative tradition that also incorporates early attachment repair, empathy and compassion training, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, mindful communication, mindfulness of body, skillful ways to work with conflict, values clarification, and community building.  These areas promote well being, resilience, and living a valued life.  To this end,  the Windhorse Institute and Community were founded to bring the great depth of training and insight that both Buddhist and Western psychology has to offer to rouse our vitality and live authentic lives as individuals, families, and as a society.