Couples Therapy

Many of us are needlessly stuck repeating patterns that do not serve us, our partners, our children, or our relationships.  Couples therapy helps us stop repeating unhelpful patterns and begin practicing patterns that are more helpful. Whether you and your partner are seeking couples/marriage counseling, premarital/commitment counseling, parenting/co-parenting, or navigating separation/divorce, we are here every step along the way.  Couples therapy addresses:

two lotus.jpeg
  • Communication, Intimacy, and Connection

  • Attraction, Sex, Sexual Issues, and LGBTQIAPK Issues

  • Emotional Intelligence and Needs Assessment

  • Conflict, Anger, and Resentment

  • Attachment and Familial Patterns

  • Parenting, Co-Parenting, Family Behavioral Systems

For more information  and for fees please see Frequently Asked Questions.