Yeshe Clarke, MSW, LCSW-C

Yeshe is pronounced “Yes-shay”. Yeshe is dedicated to creating an environment where people feel safe to genuinely open and authentically connect with themselves, each other, and community.

Private Practice Make-up - Yeshe has been in private practice since 2013 seeing adults and adolescents. Yeshe’s patients come from diverse backgrounds and careers. She sees many professionals as well as those who have not yet established themselves in the working world. Working with individuals, couples, and families, her psychotherapy practice primarily utilizes Buddhist psychology as well as Attachment and Family Systems and Client Centered Psychotherapy. She draws on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Non-Violent Communication. Yeshe has developed and runs a Loving-kindness weekly psychotherapy group.

Buddhist Background - She is a senior Buddhist and meditation teacher, and teaches Karuna Training, a non-professional course in Buddhist Psychology. She founded and leads a mindful parenting program exploring parenting as a path of practice. Yeshe has completed many advanced group retreats and solitary retreats. She became an authorized meditation instructor in 1996 and was authorized as a teacher in 2011. 

Psychology Background - Yeshe completed a three year cycle of Karuna Training in 2004 through the Upaya Institute, holds a Master's in Social Work from New York University, and is a licensed clinical social worker.  Having been certified in Thanatology, she has shown expertise in working with the dying and bereaved. She also has developed retreats and workshops for bereaved and presented at the Association for Death Education and Counseling's annual conference.  In addition to her private practice, Yeshe has worked with holocaust victims at the Nazi Victim Program in NYC, families and children in crisis in Baltimore City, and dying and bereaved in hospice.   

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